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In reality, it is the assets of the business that are being sold - not only physical stock and equipment but intangibles such as goodwill and the existing contracts with suppliers and customers, customer lists etc. This duty is called call option assignment duty and is a kind of vendor duty.  The duty is calculated on the sum of the price received for the option and the price payable on exercise of the option.   Essentially, these are agreements to enter into a contract for the sale of land at some point in the future if either of the parties to the option agreement wishes it.

 Bob grants a put option to Alan also for 10.   Bob can exercise his call option at any time within the year, but Alan cannot exercise his put option unless and until the land is rezoned.

Clause 2.2 contains a list of assets which are excluded from the sale. In our contract cash at the bank, money owing to creditors, and money owing to the Business at completion are all excluded from the.  For sales at an undervalue (usually where the parties are related the duty will be calculated on the the market value of the option.  The market value of an option depends on variables such as the value of.  Bob then sells his option to Carole.  Bob (not Carole) pays duty as if he was the purchaser of the land even though he is the seller of an option! Despite its name, call option assignment duty captures not only assignments and transfers, but also. Business premises and the employees may also be included. Under our agreement, there is a list of the assets being sold and the assets excluded from the sale shall be identified. Explanatory Notes GENERAL This agreement is designed for use when the assets of a business are being sold. The transfer of a business is a complex matter and it is common for agreements of this type to. Use of options Because the mere grant of an option does not trigger stamp duty, options are used in the following scenarios: to secure development rights over a potential site without having to pay stamp duty or buy. Our contract contains an extremely brief set of warranties, and advice should be taken on whether the clause is sufficient for the circumstances in which this contract will be used. The purpose of the warranties is to. As purchaser of the call option, Carole pays stamp duty on 500,000. As purchaser of the land on exercising the option, Carole pays stamp duty on 2 Million. Of course, Bob is not in his right mind if. To promote an equitable balance of local, county and regional perspectives and interests in community planning forums. Bylaws Rules and Regulations for the Hamilton County Regional Planning Commission. Adopted July 26, 1966 Amended: Click here to view. Try a different browser if you suspect this. The date on your computer is in the past. If your computer's clock shows a date before, the browser will automatically forget the cookie. It is easy to account for both the popularity and the representative status of the Fifth. (The celebrated music critic Donald Francis Tovey called it "among the least misunderstood of musical classics. It doesn't have to be a straight agreement or disagreement, but it is better to have a well reasoned side to your argument, instead of trying to combine every viewpoint into a muddled whole. If you want to get an A grade but do not have enough time or support to complete your writing assignment, use our professional help. Without a doubt, you can rely on us.  Carole exercises the call option to purchase the land from Alan. As vendor of the call option under a put and call agreement, Bob pays stamp duty calculated on 2.5 Million (2 Million 500,000).

There may, however, be some exceptions - e.g. if a deposit is received from a customer before the sale and the buyer has responsibility for supplying the goods to which that deposit relates after he has taken.

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